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    The Crocus EdPrep Challenge!

    The Crocus EdPrep Challenge!

    Enter now for an opportunity to access a more efficient, intuitive method of normalizing and integrating your data with EdLaunch by Crocus, the EdPrep data platform.

    Complete package includes a one year subscription to EdLaunch:

    Data Deploy

    Data Translate

    Data Display

    One year free hosting

    Applications are now closed

About The EdPrep Challenge

Crocus designed the EdPrep Challenge to tap into the skill, ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit of our partner organizations to create and design an easier, faster and less expensive way to solve the problem of displaying EdPrep data from multiple sources for decision making and continuous improvement.

How much time will it take?

For the EdPrep Challenge, we are asking partners to commit around 10 hours per month for the eight months of the development and around two hours per month during the subscription period for feedback. 

What data is needed?

Data Display modules: Recruit and Perform require a minimal amount of data to be loaded into the ODS. Data Translate will walk you through how to get your source file into the format necessary for the EdPrep Dashboard.

  • Candidate Enrollment in the EPP 

  • Candidate Demographics (Race/Ethnicity, Gender, Etc) 

  • Candidate Location 

  • Performance Evaluation results

What do I get?

The selected partners for the EdPrep Challenge will receive a one year subscription to EdLaunch, the EdPrep data platform, that includes Data Deploy, Data Translate, and Data Display.

How will my data be protected?

Crocus takes the security of your data very seriously. All data loaded for the EdLaunch will be kept in compliance of all required security and privacy requirements.  The details are outlined in our participant service agreement. Crocus will also work with your organization to complete any necessary agreements required.

Who should we include?

The EdPrep Challenge is designed to be implemented by staff in the EPP with minimal support to help gather the necessary information and data. 

EPP Lead: 

  • Supports the identification and gathering of the data necessary for Data Translate

  • Helps define how specific areas of data will be loaded;  e.g. how candidates are classified as “enrolled” within a program.

  • Provide guidance on their program’s needs and desired future state.

  • Support implementation planning for their institution.

Data Lead: 

  • Gather the data necessary for Data Translate

  • Collaborates with the EPP Lead in defining how specific areas of data will be loaded;  e.g. how candidates are classified as “enrolled” within a program.

  • Help facilitate collaboration with university IT as necessary for technical support for Data Deploy.

EdLaunch by Crocus

Our dashboards provide relevant, actionable data for EPP stakeholders but bringing together all of the disparate data points can be daunting.

Crocus is developing EdLaunch, the EdPrep data platform, that will deploy the EPDM and environment, guide EPPs through data loading, and deliver the EdPrep Dashboard with live program data.  The solution will provide an Azure cloud-based EPDM Operational Data Store (ODS) hosted by Crocus. 

Gain a more efficient and intuitive method of normalizing and visualizing your data in the dashboards, and if selected, receive free subscription for a year consisting of:

Data Deploy

Deploy and set infrastructure. Set up your own installation of the EPDM and create an Operational Data Store for your program.

  • Simple deployment of a EDPM Operational Data Store for your program 
  • Supported by Microsoft Azure Cloud either on your environment or hosted by Crocus 
  • Interface to help you select settings that work for you

Data Translate

Locate and collect data. Use the facilitation guide to build a custom mapping with your program's data.

  • An easy-to-use wizard interface for interactive use
  • Support for large files with up to 5 million records
  • Drag-and-drop field mapping
  • Support for all objects, including custom objects
  • Detailed success and error log files
  • Support for Windows and Mac

Data Display

Gain meaningful data insightsVisualize your aggregate data for enrollment and performance of your candidates on a subset of dashboards from the Enrollment and Candidate Performance Modules:

  • Review program enrollment including demographics to ensure program diversity and equity
  • Evaluate program impact based on candidate performance on  program observation 
  • Identify targeted opportunities for program improvement

Contest Details

The Crocus EdPrep Challenge application will be open until July 30, 2021 @ 5pm. 

Applications are now closed
Recruit: Enrollment Module dashboard image

​Recruit: Enrollment Module

The Crocus EdPrep Challenge will include the Enrollment Summary dashboard visualization. This includes demographic information about each candidate so EPP leadership can quickly and easily see the enrollment trends. The Recruit enrollment summary page is perfect for evaluating the equity gaps in program enrollment.

Learn more about the full solution
Perform: Candidate Performance Module Dashboard Image

​Perform: Candidate Performance Module

Building on the enrollment data, the Crocus EdPrep Challenge will include Candidate performance evaluations. This visualization tracks candidates progress through the program such as: performance assessments, disposition assessments, and key program assessments. 

Learn more about the full solution