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    Towards Impact

    Latina-owned and DC-based, Crocus has completed more than 200 major projects in 32 states across the country.

    Crocus supports state departments of education, school districts, colleges, universities, and educator preparation programs, as well as nonprofit organizations, to build resilience and capacity for change in how they use data to improve equitable outcomes.

    Crocus helps organizations use data to solve complex problems through effective data-driven continuous improvement strategiesHighlights of our technology work include the integration and implementation of comprehensive, enterprise education data solutions at the state and district level, and the development and implementation of the open source Teacher (and Educator) Preparation Data Model (now known as the Ed-Fi™ EPDM) in IHEs and university coalitions across the country. 

Grounded in experience

We are experts in applied data-use and technical solutions
We have an extensive record in enterprise data integration and systems management initiatives; we are recognized for our innovations in data management with educator preparation programs.

Crocus is a team of EdTech experts, educators, data analysts, 
scientists, engineers, managers and passionate people committed to create the technical data conditions for education organizations to build resilience and grow through change.

Four pillars govern the lens that Crocus applies to improving organizations: Equity, Talent, Engagement, and Performance.

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Increasing the field of opportunities for educators, leaders and students is at the core of our business. Our solutions and technical tools identify the gaps and areas of opportunities, and we provide coaching and training to act on the information. Use data to expose structural racism and use the power of data to accelerate equity across our society from an impact-centered approach.


Understand the pains and victories of students in order to improve together. Give the community of people interested in a student’s success access to the data to understand how the student is doing, emotionally and academically, so the community collectively positively impacts the student’s success trajectory, today and tomorrow. The community's engagement and its impact can be measured and actions modified in real time to address ever changing challenges.


Manage your most valuable asset: your talent. Connect your information systems to provide insights from, and transparency into, 

educators’, principals’, counselors’, and leaders’ data, from recruiting candidates, preparing them for service, credentialing, to serving students and families.


Plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle: Implement tools and processes to plan, act, track, measure, and mid-course correct. Improve organizational performance so that teams, students, teachers, and leaders have the tools and training to access and analyze data to inform action and impact.
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​We commit to Anti Racism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


We are mission-aligned and dedicated to a future where public education delivers on the promise to hand ALL students the keys to their futures.


Supporting schools and districts to transform their organizations in ways that lead to stronger and more equitable outcomes for students.


We seek to increase the recruitment of qualified women and minorities for selection into internship programs, hiring practices, leadership opportunities, and promotion and career advancement in every aspect of our work.


We work to increase and maintain transparency and clear communication that enables us to maintain a positive and supportive work environment.