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Selected EPPs will receive a free subscription for a year to use EdLaunch™ the EdPrep data platform

The Crocus EdPrep


  • The Crocus EdPrep Challenge has been created for EPPs who want a dynamic way to visualize their program information to support continuous improvement. 
  • EPPs will have the opportunity to provide input and test for the first time EdLaunch™, our unique EdPrep data platform that leverages the existing Ed-Fi EPDM and EdPrep Dashboards.
  • A short 15-minute application and a quick conversation with your organization's point of contact is required to confirm the data requirements. 
  • Selected EPP partners will provide input and test the platform developed with leading education preparation researchers, developers, data scientists, and practitioners around the country.

EdPrep Dashboards

The EdPrep Dashboard is the result of a multi-year collaboration from many researchers, EPPs, State Departments of Ed, and School Districts.

The metrics were selected to represent the common, top priority measurements of the effectiveness of EPPs. The visualizations were designed to present those metrics in the simplest, most informative and actionable ways. It is designed to be implemented by any educator preparation organization, district, or state.

The EdPrep Dashboard development team followed four pillars of design to select high value visuals taking advantage of readily available data across EPPs, states, and districts:

Questions answered in EdPrep Dashboards


The dashboard visualizations address key questions about candidates and graduates once they are employed as teachers, that can be used for program improvement 

Easy to Use

The dashboards are easy to view and navigate


The Ed-Fi Operational Data Store (ODS) and EdPrep Dashboards connect disparate data sources


EdPrep Dashboards provide staff with a multi-dimensional, holistic picture of program enrollment, candidate progress, and certification.

Use Cases

The Crocus EdPrep Dashboard modules are based on prioritized stakeholder use cases. 

For the EdPrep Challenge, the dashboards focus on two critical areas of programmatic data: Candidate Recruitment and Performance.

EPP Leadership requires easy access to up-to-date enrollment data. Through the Recruit: Enrollment Module, EPPs can evaluate programmatic and demographic trends, analyze program equity, and determine data-driven recruitment goals for upcoming application periods.

Faculty members require concise and accurate data of their candidate's performance on program assessments and observations. Through the Perform: Candidate Performance Module, faculty are able to analyze and identify opportunities for programmatic improvement.
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